Visionary in design. We create the boldness, the strength and sensuality of this series, all rolled into one. Complete with a solid looking handle. Uncompromising CRESTIAL quality. When you make great faucets, you don't need to make a big fuss
To complement and also another option to our Vision T series. We have Vision A mixers with a slimmer looking handle for those who prefer more subtle tone in the bathroom and kitchen.
Has elevated the aesthetic level of faucet design. Its form and proportions are expressions of ergonomic excellence. The product line echoes elegance and design finesse. More than function itself, simplicity is the deciding factor in the aesthetic equation here.
A balanced composition of square and rectangular elements, with pleasing proportions and dimensions. Easily achieving conformity of form with function for optimum no-fuss user-friendliness. Incorporating all CRESTIAL standard specification including high grade brass, European mechanical components, Sundance chrome plating and WELS conformed.
Faucets is designed with focus on efficiency and subtlety. Being compact and slim goes hand in hand with flawless simplicity and timeless beauty. To make it last we have selected - and employ - high purity raw materials and top flight mechanical components.
The emphasis is on ergonomics and ease of operation. The three dimensional interpretation of this design concept is a bold combination of rectangles and cylindrical elements. It also marries all the strong features as highlighted in Eins+. And CRESTIAL hallmark of Style Performance Value.
Minimalist in design, yet modern and clean looking, mixers that are user friendly and it encompasses our passion for engineering precision and quality. A wide selection of single lever mixers, to 3-hole and 4-hole mixers as well as floor mounting mixers. To suit every bathroom and kitchen needs.

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